Our number one priority is to contribute to Greece’s exposure to international stakeholders and participate in the advances of a rapidly changing economy.

We promote, welcome, support and preserve international investments in the Hellenic territory. Our excellent reputation and longstanding experience allow us to attract worldwide investors. Our know-how and the business development tools we provide guarantee their success.

With our lobbying and troubleshooting capacity as well as our wide networking presence, we make sure that our clients not only discover Greece’s enormous business opportunities but also exploit them to the maximum. 

We are a preferred partner because:

  • ENERTA has a history of thoroughly supporting selected international investment endeavors, primarily in the energy sector.
  • We act in synergy with other entities (public and private) towards a common goal, which is to make the Hellenic market more attractive to international investors.
  • We are different from other organizations since, apart from the standard offered services, i.e. informing investors about market opportunities and providing them with financial, tax, legal and institutional directives, we also aim to be their local point of reference both during their preliminary period of research and implementation prior to commercial operation, as well as thereafter, as their local advisors and consultants, during operation.
  • We facilitate our clients not only in accessing local partners and/or service providers but also in making the right choice among them. We also offer troubleshooting services for Public Administration issues.
  • We have supported and advised on numerous business plans during the last decades, including Renewable Energy projects and Electricity T&D Industry projects.